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Hello, and  welcome to Summer Vacation Militaria.  My name is Karl Kithier;  I am your host to my world of  helmets, field gear, insignia and other militaria (aka junk).

I am a laid-off high school teacher. I taught Business and Social Studies. No, I did not teach English, and yes, I know I make spelling & typing errors.  Twenty years ago I began my endless summer vacation; it may mot be hot outside, but it's still summer vacation.  From my teaching past comes the name Summer Vacation Militaria.  Think back to the summer vacations of your youth.....I'll wait.....What could be better??   The last day of school was always better than Christmas and your birthday, both in one day.  I will always remember the feeling of the last day of school @ the High School: tires squealing in the parking lot, papers flying down the stairwells, joyous laughter, people running down the halls exiting out into the summer sun,  and, that was the teachers...

I put much thought into my website name.  So many of the German type militaria names are very hard to remember if not spell.  Imagine www.hauptluftwaffebekleidungsamptsudmilitaria.com no, I don't think so. I also thought about my Czech background with such names as Bohemian militaria, but then I would need to have lots of Czech militaria, which does not sell that well.  So, here we are with Summer Vacation Militaria. I even simplified it for you to SVmilitaria. I hope you like it.  I like it.

As for me, I am a 40+ year collector of WWI & WWII steel helmets of the world, German WWII combat uniforms, equipment, insignia and weapons.  I really enjoy German WWII camo helmets. I love most all militaria, and am always happy to talk "shop" with you about your favorite militaria category.  I am originally from Prague, in the Czech Republic, and came here when I was 3 in 1968.  I speak fluent Czech, but read and write it poorly. I have a BS in Marketing (public relations & promotion) from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI and an MBA  from Central Michigan University. Some of you may know me as Wildandcrazyguyfromczechoslovakia on Ebay.   I am running a one guy show here, with the exception of a friend who very rarely helps out. I do it all.  I find it, photo it, describe it, list it, sell it and ship it. Oh yes, I do my best to return Email, but sometimes it all just overwhelms me.   My goal is to sell original militaria @ a reasonable price, with a little bit of fun included. Feel free to call; the number is on the home page.

As for the dog, Kramer, he is my ever present assistant.  He has never eaten a Luger holster and does not sleep on Kriegs flags. He did partially chew up a WWII German Dresden city police patch when he was a puppy, but I am sure he was sorry. If it makes you crazy seeing him laying on a WWII flag while it is being photographed; he has done his job. I'm trying to make this a little bit fun.  Kramer tries very hard to be the perfect assistant. If only he could make coffee.  I tried to teach him, but he made decaf. 

















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