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71211 Nice Functional Luftwaffe Flyer's Wrist Compass $185

This is a really nice Luftwaffe flyer's wrist compass complete with the strap. It is functional and has no problems or issues. If you want one of these for your collection, you can stop looking, and buy this one.

101870 WWII German Shrapnel Damaged Flare Pistol & Holster Set $295

This is an original WWII German flare pistol damaged by shrapnel. The small piece went through the holster too, but through the back, so did it go through the guy caring it too?? The pistol is in nice condition showing honest age and use, but the release spring does not work.  The holster is fair missing the front flap. which was removed years ago, perhaps wartime. This is a great set. If only it could talk!

101871 Excellent WWII German Panzer Earphones $495

This is a great set of the classic WWII panzer earphones. They are in excellent condition showing only the lightest age and use. They are without problems or issues, and will display really well in your collection.

51817 WWII German Panzerfaust Klein Tube $295

This is an original WWII German Panzerfaust which has been repainted after the war. It is bunker recovered, and rusty under the paint, but has no bondo or filler. the sight is missing, and the cocking piece seems to be painted so it does not move. It's the real thing, so you can display it the way it is or make a replica head or perhaps find one out there on the web. It's a great piece for your collection, so don't wait.

71866 Excellent WWII German Engineer's Backpack $475SOLD

This is a great item. The condition is super nice showing only the lightest age and use. It's made from different color materials, which gives it a very cool look. It's not mint but excellent. It has no problems or issues, and is a real winner, so don't miss it!

71868 WWII German SS Camo Zeltbam $600SOLD

This oak leaf Zelt shows very well with nice bright colors. It has some assorted damage, which is typical of these. It's made of a lighter almost uniform material, which I have seen before. It's a classic piece of field gear which will display very well as background in your man zone, rolled up on an A frame or with your field gear stuff.

101812 WWII German MP40 Telescoping Spring & Firing Pin Assembly $200

This is a good solid and functional all original WWII piece.  

91926 WWII German MG & Mortar Ammo Can Strap $260

This is a solid and sound strap without problems or issues. This is what you see MG and mortar crews caring 2 ammo cans in the field. It's slightly dirty, but still very good. Yes, you could wash it and make it look excellent.

91720 Excellent WWII Luftwaffe Blue Mg34 Action Cover SALE PRICE $450

This is a great Luftwaffe blue Mg34 action cover; it's not mint but excellent. It has no problems or issues. It's a real winner, so don't miss it!

91950 WWII German High Power Holster Nazi $160

This is a great solid and sound holster only just a but wrinkled. It will display very well in your collection.

3164 WWII German 33/40 Mountain Carbine Stock $185

This is an attractive and solid stock. It has light proofs, and is numbered. It has no problems or issues, and will fix your 33/40.

3183 Attractive WWII German Chocolate Brown .32 Auto Holster from Vet's Estate $120

This is a good solid for sure WWII era holster for the PP,PPK, Hsc etc. It shows age and use, but is still very good.

3181 Attractive WWII German PPK Marked Holster with WaA Proof $130SOLD

This is a good solid for sure WWII era holster for the PPK. It shows age and use, but is still very good.

3182 WWII German Walther PPK Marked Magazine $85

This is a very good functional clip with all original finish, but with some blue missing on the back. Still, it's a nice clip.

3183 WWII Walther German PPK Magazine $85

This is a very good functional clip with all original finish.

121521 WWII German Tropical "Coconut" Wooden Canteen Set $160

This is a good solid set showing light age. The cup has a slight crack but nothing bad. It looks good and will display fine.

41502 WWII German Mauser Rifle Grenade Carring Case 42 Dated $190

This is a solid war time example showing only light age and use with very solid leather and an original strap. Your grenade launcher kit will fit into it just fine. 

101813 Original WWII German Rifle Sling for K98, G43, K43 Etc. $180 SOLD

This is a solid war time example showing only light age and use with very solid leather. 

41503 WWII German MG34 Barrel Carrier with Strap 43 Dated $120SOLD

This is a nice sound original example. It was repainted post war with a post war strap. It's solid and sound and perfect for your collection or just to store an extra MG34 barrel for your gun.

101019 Original WWII German G43/K43 Magazine Pouches $100 each

These are great original G/K43 magazine pouches. I have both the black leather and artificial yellow leather ones available. All are in very nice original condition. Get one or more while they are here, before I sell out. Sorry Only Black are available at this time.

41307 WWII German 5cm Mortar Shells Inert $250 each

All three are in very good condition with original paint. The do show age but are still good for your display.

61405 WWII German Assault Frame Bag  SALE PRICE $150

This is a solid war time example showing only light age and use. It will fit right onto your A frame.

71573 German WWII Aluminum Flare Pistol 1942-ayf $265

This is a good looking flare pistol with nice original finish. It's all there and looks to be functional. All the markings are there just the way we like 'em. Yes, there are some scratches under the barrel, but nothing bad. It will look great in your display.

81530 Very Good Pliable German WWII Flare Pistol Holster $150

This is a good looking holster with a very solid body, much the way it was when new. You won't have to fight it to get the flare pistol inside. The hinge is also very good as is the front strap. Oops, but the leather holding the 2 sides together is torn, still it looks really good and it does not show. It will look excellent in your display.

100961 Early Leather Flare Pistol Holster 1938 Dated $185SOLD

The leather is in very good condition. The cleaning rod lop is a little bit weak, but still all there. The only problem is the wire closure loop is missing. I think it would not be too hard to make one out of good stiff wire. It is nicely marked on the back. These early holsters are hard to find.

70928 Early MP40 Lower Receiver Bakelite Stock NEW PRICE$80

This is an early example made with the chocolate brown color.  There is a corner in the front broken off during the war. The rest of it is very good. These are hard to find when you need one. 


91132 MG34/MG42 50 Round Drum Magazine Maker Marked ddf $115

This is an original WWII German issue drum mag, used after the war by the friendly Yugoslavs, who repainted it an olive green color. The original WWII German paint is underneath. There is a another coat of black over the green. It is functional and solid for shooting or your display.

90783 Army Splinter Pattern Camo Zeltbahn aka Shelter Quarter RESERVED$140

 This is a great example of a standard wartime Zelt. It has no problems and the colors are very bright, with the exception of a piece of the front, that was exposed to sunlight for a while, and has faded a little.   It is perfect for a display.

51583 German WWII Matched Ammo Pouch Set from Same Maker $80
These are the standard WWII German ammo pouches used by German infantry and other troops, both made by the same company and in the same style. One end tab is broken, but these a re a great set for a display.

90824 German WWII Standard Ammo Pouches From Russia $30 each

These are the standard WWII German ammo pouches used by German infantry and other troops. All of them are very solid and without major problems. There may be some missing internal dividers. All the leather and hardware are good to very good. Most a maker marked.  I will do my best to match up a pair for you. They will look like a set, but not with the same maker. They will be a set in terms of style of production, condition, early or late war etc. They all need a little wipe down from years of dusty storage, but are otherwise good and solid.

120701 Original Stick Grenade Ceramic Pull Balls with New String They Look Very Nice $25 each

These are original WWII German ceramic pull igniters for the stick grenade.  I have replaced the rotted string with new made in Europe correct looking string.  The knots are tied correctly, and are aged a bit.  They look really good.

20672  G/K43 Black Leather Magazine Pouch SOLD$225

These pouches have experienced much debate over the last 15 years. A quantity of them was found in Czechoslovakia. Some people think they are post-war Czech. If you care to read further, I will explain the logic in why I feel they are original WWII. The pouch is maker marked MER 45. The exact pouch is pictured in the 1945 G/K 43 manual. The maker also made holsters during the war of the same material. I have a sling which has the same maker mark and is dated 1944. I will upload the photo of the sling markings as soon as I find the sling.  My mother lived in Czechoslovakia in 1945, she was 12 years old, and told me of the shoe shortage. Do you think a country that just survived the war, and has a shortage of EVERYTHING is going to make magazine pouches!!! Now you decide if they are original. Yes, they do have Czech markings from about 1950, but that is typical of re-issuing surplus military gear. The Czechs did that commonly with surplus German equipment. Overall the pouch is in really nice un-messes with condition. You will not be disappointed!


20700 Pilot's Drop Holster for Hungarian P37 1942 $215

These were used only by flight personnel. This piece is just perfect!!! It is 100% untouched and original. It is 42 dated and maker marked with a large Luftwaffe proof mark. The inside is marked to be used for the Hungarian P37 pistol only. Those Germans, so rule oriented!!! Ordenung must sein!! If you like holsters, you will love this one!!!


30648 Luger Take-Down Tool with Pistol Number $60

I pulled this out of a really nasty original holster. I see no WaA mark on top, but perhaps it is there. The bottom is numbered 7889. It shows a little rust and some use. But, is a 100% original piece.


121560 Rare Tropical MP38 & MP40 Original Canvas Sling $200SOLD

This is a hard to find original WWII German canvas tropical sling for the MP38 or MP40. It shows light age and use, but is still very good. It's the 1st one I have had for sale in a long time, so don't miss it!

81134 Variation MP38 & MP40 original Leather Sling $90

This is a very solid original MP40 sling made of smooth natural leather with a classic German WWII friction buckle. It is die marked on one end.  It will look great on your favorite MP40.

30925 MG34 75 Round Vehicle Ammo Can 1939 Dated   SALE PRICE $150

This is a good original example with original paint. The front is painted a grey color and labeled with a rack number. I have seen this done before. There is some very light surface rust that could be cleaned easily with some #00 steel wool and WD40. Overall, it is a very solid and original example.



60803 Original WWII German MG34 &  MG42 50 Round Basket Mag Set with Carrier SOLD$350

This is a nice tight original set that has been repainted by the Germans later in the war with a very dark green grey field color. The original factory paint is visible under the green. The carrier is dated WA maker marked.  The mags are both maker marked by the same company. The carrier and both mags are very good without any problems. Everything is functional and original wartime German and NOT POSTWAR. The cloth pads on the inside of the holder that keep the mags from bouncing are both there, and tight. Overall this is a very good MG drum set.

60802 1941 & 1942 Dated bakelite Flare Container- Mint RED or GREEN $40 each

These are really nice original bakelite canisters made to hold 5 standard 27 mm flare cartridges. They are mint and 1941 or 1942 dated.  I have both colors available, which hold red or green flares.

61433 German WWII Gasmask Set A Very Good Example SOLD$200

This is a good looking complete set. The can is excellent with great straps. The mask is a little dry but still very good. The cleaning cloth, spring and eye piece covers are all there It will display very well in your man zone.

80661 Standard Issue Gasmask Cleaning Cloth & Keeper Spring Set $35

Every gasmask can should have a set of these to wipe the eyepieces. The spring holds the cloth in the bottom of the can. Take a look in your gasmask can. Do you see one of these? I thought so, it's missing. You should buy this one before I raise the price because you need it. Ok ok, just kidding, I wont raise the price, just yet.


71867 German Army WWII Standard Issue Bread Bag $85

This is a good example of the standard issue bread bag. It shows some honest age and use, but looks good and will display fine.


31822 German Army WWII Early 1938 Dated Standard Issue Bread Bag $80

This is a good example of the standard issue bread bag. It shows some honest age and use, but looks good. The leather is dry, and one of the interior tabs is missing.  These early bags are hard to find. It still looks good and will display fine.

70659 Field Belt D Ring $15 each

These were used to hook the Y straps to the belt if an ammo pouch was not worn. Or carry an extra canteen. These are not for your SS or SA dagger. All are original and marked. Condition is solid, but used.




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