German WWII Manuals,

ID Papers, Books and  Documents

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41731 Organization Book of the NSDAP 1940 Issue $310

This is a tough book to find. It shows light age and use, with a little bit of wear to the bottom edgea tear on the spine. Still it has a nice clean look and ha no real issues


80922 Organization Book of the NSDAP SOLD$260

This is a tough book to find. It shows some honest age and use, with a little water damage, but is not missing any pages. It has the WWII airborne GI's name and address who brought it home. This would be a good research project. This is a great addition to any WWII German collection.

120967 Deutschland Erwacht Book Complete $165

This is a really nice copy of the classic book German Awake. It has all the photos and, is not mint but, really clean. It is the perfect gift for your boss Mr. Finkelstein, who has everything.


21205 Adolf Hitler Photo Book Complete $165

This is  very nice example of the classic AH book. It is in excellent condition and complete

111211 German 1942 Edition Kreta Book $210

This is a great addition to your para or Luftwaffe stuff. It shows age, with the binding coming apart a bit, but still good and displays very well.

51004 1940 Dated German Army Invasion of France Map Set SOLD$135

This is a great set of Invasion maps of North West France. It is complete in the original waxed paper binder. All the maps are military use only marked. This is perfect for you war gamers who enjoy attacking the cheese eatin' surrender monkeys again and again...

80763 German WWII Anti Allied Propaganda Poster Marked to the 204th Panzer Rgt  NEW PRICE$85

This is a nice addition to your militaria room. It states 10 ways or ideas to combat enemy propaganda.  This would have been posted in a mess hall or somewhere the troops could see it. It is in nice condition, but does show some age.  The approx. size of the paper without frame is 18X22 inch.


11506 WWII German Soft Bound Book Against England in North Africa 35 Pages 8X6 In. Size $65

This is a cool period publication in excellent condition which will look great with your other tropical stuff. 

121029 SS 1944 Pocket Calendar SOLD$265

This is a good looking 3X5 inch format SS pocket calendar.  It shows light age, but is still very good.  It will be a nice addition to your other SS items.

121003 Unissued SS Soldbuch SOLD$150

This is a nice original example showing only very light age. It is the perfect display piece, so you do not have to spend big bucks on an issued one.


60929 Army Calvary Soldbuch with MP44 Entry & Free Bullet Hole SOLD$195

This came from an old collection in SE Michigan. The book is in nice original condition showing only light age and use.   The hole sure looks to be a bullet hole, but I see no evidence of blood or other gooey stuff. I suppose it could have been in an outside pocket when the bullet struck.  There is a nice MP44 issue entry dated Jan. 11 1944.   This is a chance to buy something really cool for your collection.

81255 Nice Clean Army Soldbuch $85

OK he was no hero, but he did take good care of his Soldbuch which is in excellent condition, and perfect for a display.

81256 WWII German Oil Cloth Soldbuch Case $60

This is in excellent condition and will add to you WWII German collection.

51103 Russian Front Captured German WWII Army NCO Soldbuch $110

This is a good looking standard Soldbuch. The NCO was issued basic gear and uniforms including a .32 auto pistol. There is a 46 dated Russian stamp on the inside indicating his Eastern Front service and capture. It is in nice condition showing only light age and use.

51104 Luftwaffe Artillery Mans Issue Army Type Soldbuch $95

This is a standard Army Soldbuck issued to a Luftwaffe artillery man. He was no great hero for the Reich; as he was not issued arms, but it displays well, and will be a nice addition to your collection.  It is in nice condition showing only light age and use.

50675 Army Soldbuch from WWI Vet with WWI Service RESERVED$110

Our hero was a WWI vet with an Iron Cross II class and a Baden Service Medal. His WWII service was not a huge victory for the Reich, but he was issued a rifle and bayonet along with the basic field gear. He was assigned to the Jager Ers. bat# 56. Everything including the photo is original. It is a very nice example with some wartime entries, that displays very well.

60628 Luftwaffe Flak NCO Soldbuch RESERVED$80

This is a good example of a war-time Soldbuch from a Flak NCO. The pages are all there, but several are loose. It has lots of entries, with a nice photo of a friendly looking NCO. The front  cover is sound with just a little bit of de-Nazification to the swaz. Overall it is a nice example tat displays well.


120905 Unissued Luftwaffe Soldbuch SOLD$60

This is the later war example. It shows some light age, and a front faded cover, but is complete and overall very good.

70816 1941 Edition Hard Cover Mein Kampf with Original Dust Jacket 5X7 Inch 781 Pages SOLD$130

This is a nice example with the original dust jacket, which has been nicely plastic covered. The plastic is the same kind as your public library uses, and can be removed without any damage to the cover or book. The piece shows only light and no damage.

21204 1938 Edition Hard Cover Mein Kampf with Parts of the Original Dust Jacket 5X7 Inch $100

This is a typical pre war edition showing age and use, but still solid. There are some very tiny paint specs on the cover, but nothing bad.

11181 Nice Complete RAD Service Album SOLD$145

This is a very clean complete photo album. It has no issues and is very attractive. It is 6.5X4.5 inches in size with approximately 50 photos.

31404 German Luftwaffe WWII Reibert Manual 5.5X8 Inch $85

This is a nice original example showing only light age and use.

51215 German WWII Reibert Pionier Manual 1941 Issue 5.5X8 Inch SOLD$85

This is a nice original example showing only light age and use.

41105 Standard Issue German WWII Reibert Cavalry Manual 1938 Issue 5.5X8 Inch SOLD$80

Reibert was the main publisher of German military manuals during the war and still today. It shows some very light age and is nicely written in by the vet who brought it home. This is a great item to go with your cavalry stuff.

70817 Standard Issue German WWII Reibert Artillery Manual 1938/39 Issue 5.5X8 Inch SOLD$80

Reibert was the main publisher of German military manuals during the war and still today. It shows some honest age, and is a little musty, but has no real damage. This is a great item to go with your artillery stuff.

120906 German Signalman's Field Table or Handbook 1941 Dated $45

I have 2 available and the 1st one sold will include the extra supplemental booklet free. Both are marked to an artillery unit and are in very nice original condition.

10984 Luftwaffe Handbook &Flyer's Manual 5.25X8 In Size 245 Pgs 1941 $85

This is the standard issue Luftwaffe hand book for LW personnel and flyers. It is complete, but does show some age, but no abuse.

10985 Ju52 Aircraft Handbook 5X7 In Size 6 Pages $45

This is the #6 in the 12 part series of LW hand books on the JU52. It is in mint condition with a stiff cover.  It will display well with your other LW flight stuff.

70818 1939 Pocket Sized Machine Gun Company Manuel 4.5X6 Inch 324 Pages SOLDD$90

This is a nice cloth covered edition of the issue MG company manual. It deals with use of the guns on a company scale and does have some illustrations. It is in really nice condition without any damage.

40715 Nice TeN0 Service Manual 1939 Dated SOLD$70

This is a nice TeNo service manual. It shows many drawings of how to construct bridges etc. The cover is oilcloth and dated 1939. 100 Pages 5x8 inch format

70638 German Red Cross I D Book $49

This is an attractive war time oil cloth Red cross ID book. It must be a late issue, because it is filled out only with limited info. I bought a few of these from a German paper dealer. It is 100% original and displays well. The condition is excellent. 


21248 SS & SS Police Post Cards $35 each

These are nice original cards showing only light age, and perfect for your display.

91144 SS Post Card 12 Piece Set SOLD$125 for all

This is a nice set of 12 SS post cards. All are unused and in really good condition. Some have bits of old tape in the corners, but it really does not detract.

20978 Nice Original AfrikaKorps Photo from WWII vet's Estate in Midland, Michigan $60

This is a the standard post card size, and in nice condition. It is not a recent print, and will look nice with your tropical militaria.

70636 Nice Paratrooper Picture Postcard by Willrich RESERVED$40

These Willrich postcards have been reproduced over the last several years, but this is a nice original one. He is a well known war-time artist that produced artwork for some wonderful color postcards. The condition is very nice.


70677 Nice Iron Cross Picture Postcard by Gottfried Klein SOLD$40

This is a very attractive piece with the leaves colored in a gold metallic ink. The back has a little damage, but nothing major. It displays really well. I have one of these that I framed, and it looks really nice in the collection room.


70639 Library of Adolf Hitler Un-used Label $130

I small quantity of these turned up years ago. I have had several over the years. It was to be glued the facing page of books in Hitler's library. Really, I am not making this stuff up. I guess "DF" didn't have the time for the library as things got a "little hot". In any event, it is mint and 100% original. This is a real piece of history!


20685 Luftwaffe 1940 Pocket Guide and Calendar $55

This piece has lots of nice info you would need if you were in the Luftwaffe along with the 1940 calendar. The binding is loose, but it is all original and in nice displayable condition.

70819 3Rd Reich Period German Auto Club Maps $65 Each

These are really attractive maps printed in full color. They are in super nice original condition. The size when unfolded is 41X36 inches

30655 WWII German Laws  War Time Publication $5 each

I have a large box of these from a WWII vet. All are different, with different dates. They are in nice condition and are about 25 pages thick in a 8.5x12 inch format. They all contain very nice & different advertising. The price is per copy, but if you wanted larger amount, or them all; I would cut a big deal. Please call for details.