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Karl Kithier


P.O. Box 46942  Mt. Clemens, MI 48046    Phone:  (586) 549-3150 


Disclaimer:   War is bad, and I am glad the Germans and Japs did not win WWII. I love this country, and appreciate the rights we as citizens, of the USA have!! I do not support or condone any Non-Democratic political groups or Governments. No man should receive less or more rights because of his color, views, origins etc.  I am  here selling historic military artifacts, and not attempting to offend anyone. If you are offended by historic symbols of fallen Totalitarian States, please do not view this site. Further, if you are offended by WWII Germanic Symbols, you should also be offended by symbols related to Communism, in places such as China, North Korea, Cuba and Viet Nam. Those countries still actively oppress people, and are much more dangerous than my WWII German belt buckles!  

Suggestion:   Relax, take a deep breath, and have a latte. Better yet, buy somebody else a latte.  Smile be happy, and be nice to other people. This stuff is supposed to be fun! I don't like crabby people.

I buy militaria!!! I love militaria!!! I am interested in your single item or entire collection. Give me a try; I do my best to pay you your price. I am a collector too, see the Wanted and Gallery sections. I also accept consignments, contact me for details. The more interesting your item, the less of a fee I charge.

HOW TO ORDER:    Select the items that you want to purchase by the item number. Then call or text (586) 549-3150 or email me at to check on availability and reserve your items. If you want to order an item, tell me you want to buy it.  Asking if an item is available, or telling me you are interested in it, does not mean you want to buy it. A verbal, text or Email commitment will hold the item. I will let you know the total due. I need to know what state or country you live in to calculate postage. Payment must be received within 10 days unless you make other arrangements with me.   


Availability: Items are sold on a first come, first served basis.  If you see something you really want, I suggest you call me. I check my email daily, but sometimes I may be out of town, or just don't have time. If you would like to buy an item, and contact me via email; tell me you want to buy the item. If you ask me if it is available; that does not mean you want to purchase an item. I will respond, to your question, but will reserve the item for the 1st person tells me he/she wants to buy it.

Guarantee: Every item I sell comes with the guarantee that it is 100% original and authentic unless otherwise described. I do not guarantee size or that an item will fit you. I am a relic merchant, not a dressmaker. All items come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE less shipping with the exception of an unexpected economic situation, where the bottom falls out of the market. If your $500 German helmet becomes worth $50 or so, I am not giving you your $500 back.  I don't think this will happen, but...???  Items altered in any way by you, the buyer, may not be returned for any reason. Please contact me before returning an item so, I can prepare for its return.

I update the site approximately 3 times a week. Generally, if there is a dollar amount after the item listing, the item is available. If the price column reads RESERVED the item is on hold and awaiting payment. Sometimes an item is on lay-away,  and the item may be reserved for several months.  SOLD means the item is no longer available. Please contact summervacationmilitaria to check on availability before sending payment. Again Available means that the item was reserved and some nudnik never sent me the payment, so after waiting patiently too long; I have relisted it. Unfortunately, this happens too often!



Pricing:  I try very hard to keep my prices reasonable, or in many cases, cheap!  Some of the other sites charge so much that the militaria never sells. Compare my prices to the other sites on the web. If you ask me to take less on an item that I just posted, the answer will probably be no. If you see an item that has been there a longer time; I may take less.

A Special Note About Ordnance: Due to current world terror concerns and the problems they cause with international shipping, I will no longer ship inert ordnance items outside the United States. Sorry for any inconvenience, this may cause.

Business Hours: The site is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is no dress code; you do not need a shirt and shoes for service here. You can e-mail me anytime or call/text +1 (586) 549-3150 between 8am and 6pm Eastern US time. I can sometimes be reached on Saturday and on Sunday, but time is spent with family, so if it's urgent, please leave a message with your name and phone number and I will call back. Our business is conducted by mail or at shows only. I have no 'Open to the Public' shop.

Payment: I accept  money orders, and personal checks. Our world wide customers may pay cash in US Dollars.   Make checks payable to: KARL KITHIER.  I also accept Western Union. I do not take charge cards because of the amount of fraud problems, but will take Paypal. My account  I  can not accept a Paypal payment for any Paypal banned items including: ordnance, such as grenades and mortar bombs, cartridges, AKA Ammo, knuckle knives and trench knives or any Nazi items or items with a Swastika.   Please include the item title & number, you have ordered with your payment!!! 
All fees associated with transfers of any kind, will be added to the price of the item.

    World Wide Shipping   Sorry, I currently do not ship out of the US. TOOOOOO many problems with lost packages. I'm happy to ship to your friends with US addresses . Lets hope this situation changes soon. I ship all foreign orders via US Post Priority Mail which costs a little more, but gives us a TRACKING NUMBER, so they do not loose YOUR package! We can also ship express mail with tracking, which is a bit more expensive.  All items will be declared at a real value. I will not lie on customs forms!!  Don't ask me to declare your $900 helmet as $20 and a gift.

Trades: I LOVE TRADES!!!! Please me know what you have, and I will do my best to make you happy with a trade deal.  It really makes a trade easier if you tell me what you want for your item.  You can tell me with a cash value or what item or items you want from me.  If you are unsure, I am always happy to help with a value. Photos of your item really help me decide.

SVM's Easy Payment Plan: I would prefer that you make one easy payment, of the full amount, right now, but understand everybody is not made of money. Contact me, and let me know what works for you, and I will do my best to make it work. 

If you would like me to hold an item for you until you can send the money; I require a 10% non refundable deposit  to be paid within 10 days.  Sorry, but I have had too many people reserve items without any follow up.  Blame them, not me. I would love to post a list of their names. If you are guilty of this, because your dog had hemorrhoid surgery, or your Mom was out for work release that weekend, or you and Ernie had to drink up all the beer, before the expiration date,  or some other reason. I will accept your apology.  No problem; please don't do it again. I will really do my best to make the payments as painless as possible.

Shipping Charges: I ship US Priority or 1st class mail, and  need to know where you live, so I can calculate appropriate postage.  Foreign shipping costs will be calculated at the time of purchase. Please see below.

Postage rates within the continental USA:  Shipping to the West Coast has become expensive, and is calculated differently then to the eastern US. This is to help you with approximate postage. If you make a purchase, we will tell you the exact amount for shipping.

Small items that will fit into a video box $12 + insurance

Medium items such as field gear, holsters canteens etc. $18+ insurance  

Large items such as helmets $24+insurance West Coast $35 (Sorry, sunshine isn't free)

Insurance: It is up to you to tell me that you would like your package insured. I do my best to package your item, and have never lost an item on the way to the post office. What happens once we turn over your item to the nice lady @ the counter..... well, we recommend the insurance.  Actually I have found the US Post Office to be very good, but still recommend insurance. Insurance is $2 per $100 insured. This is the price the Post Office charges me.   


Eeeexcellent! I see you have read all the sales terms. 














1 (586) 549-3150

Karl Kithier

P.O. Box 46942

Mt. Clemens

Michigan   48046