World War II US Militaria


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100732 Period Made Fake Jap Battle Flag 34X50 Inch $90

I bought this out of a WWII USN guy's estate. His daughter said he brought it home from WWII. It shows obvious age, but is in nice condition. I believe this to be one of the fake flags made by guys on the islands to sell to rear area troops as original flags.  There was much demand for "authentic" souvenirs @ the rear bases and from Navy guys. It displays well, and is a neat conversation piece.

101370 US WWII Military Issue Phil QM Depo Marked 5 X 9.5 Ft Size 48 Star Flag SOLD$135

These are hard to find. It's an original all sewn issue piece in really nice condition showing very light age and use with no issues.

31417 Mint US WWII Printed 48 Star Flag from 15Th USAAF vet's Souvenirs 33X21 Inch size $60

This is right from the US WWII vet's son. It's mint and perfect, and will display great in your collection.

121311 US GI WWII Issue eye Glasses Named with Original case $80

This is a nice original WWII GI set of glasses with original case. They show light honest age and use but are still very good.

71250 US WWII Type Camo Parachute Section SOLD OUT$25

These are perfect for your man cave display. I have a few of these available. All are 10X10 foot size or larger.  The condition is very good few of them have some period military patches, but all have good colors.  Sorry, dog not included.

51180 US WWII Large Size (24 Inch Tall) Chapel Crucifix SOLD$235

This is only the 2nd one of these I have had. It is high quality made of brass with a nickel plated figure. The back is marked US. Both I have had were marked exactly the same way. It shows some age, but is still very good. This is not the portable sized version used in the field.  It measures 24 inches tall and weighs over 12 pounds. It will make a great addition to our US WWII collection.

41014 Seabees WWII Footlocker As Found $150

This is a great theater made WWII Seabees footlocker. It is made of plywood, stained, and with riveted aluminum edges and corners. It is about the size of a standard US WWII footlocker, perhaps just slightly smaller. The decal on the front is excellent. This is a great piece of WWII artwork. It will look wonderful in your display. There is a brass name plate on the top with the listing Detroit, 11 which is a WWII era pre zip code address. And now the best part, I found this on the curb next to the garbage, really!  I am not a trash picker, but I noticed this, out of the corner of my eye, while driving my 10 year old son to hockey practice. It is really attractive, and I feel guilty selling it.

60926 US WWII Era M1902 Officer's Sword with Double Engraved Blade & Original Hanger SOLD$135

This is a nice original example, just the way it was brought into a coin shop in Detroit last week.  It is in really nice condition only needing a light clean up. The blade is very good with only a very small amount of surface rust in several small places. The exterior finish is excellent. It looks like 2 the scabbard screws were replaced some years ago, but this does not really detract. The hanger is the original one which came with the sword. Overall, this is a nice original example.

110765 CBI Bullion Embroidered Pillow Case 16 x16 Inch $145

This s a very attractive pillow case made over seas.  It features very high quality bullion work.  The condition is just about perfect without any mothing or damage. The size is 16 x 16 inch not including the rope edge.

31307 US WWII Mint & Perfect Bronze Star Medal New In Box WWII Dated with Sewn Broach $35

This one is a mint & perfect example, new in the box, and with the wrapping paper from the factory. It has no problems; You will love it!

81242 US WWII Purple Heart Cased with Paperwork SOLD$125

This is a nice original WWII medal with a solid case. The paperwork shows age, but is original to the medal. It's a nice set which displays well.

91817 US WWII Paratrooper Wings Sterling Marked $85

This is a nice original WWII example showing only light age with a good even patina. The back has a solid pin and catch and is sterling marked.

41227 US WWII Combat Medic's Badge $80

This is a nice original WWII example from a recent Toledo, Ohio vet's estate.  It has a nice even patina with an excellent old appearance, and a solid pin & catch set.

101433 US WWII Combat Infantry Badge (CIB) Sterling Marked $45

This is a nice original WWII example showing only light age with a good even patina. The back has is nicely sterling marked.

71247 US WWII Medics Armband with Correct Markings $70

This is right out of the woodwork in Southern, Ohio. It is a little dirty, but 100% original. These are hard to find; don't miss it.

41228 Mint & Perfect WWII 101st Airborne Shoulder Patch SOLD$90

This is a mint perfect example. You will love it.

41229 Mint & Perfect WWII 17th Airborne Shoulder Patch $50

This is a mint perfect example. You will love it.

71246 US WWII Paratrooper Pocket PX Patch $65

This is a good honest example showing age and some staining, but still solid.

20935 WWII USMC Writing Notebook Set with Envelopes, Patches and 1945 Calendar RESERVED$45

This came from a garage sale in Royal Oak, Michigan last summer. It is a nice USMC private purchase notebook with the EGA nicely period drawn on the front cover in ink. The inside contains some WWII USMC envelopes, but not all have the EGA logo, and some Marine cpl.  patches. The calendar is 1945. This is a nice marine display item to go with our other USMC stuff. The size is 7X10 Inches when folded.