World War II US Militaria


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41580 US WWII Painted A2 Flight Jacket Size 36 $1250SOLD

This is a good solid example of the ever popular A2 flight jacket. The leather is very solid with only a cut on the inside of the arm, which I have pictured. The many bombs on the back look really good. The front is also good. The zipper works and is solid. The cuffs were cut cut off, for some unknown reason. It has never been cleaned or fixed, and is the way it was found last fall in Lansing, Michigan. It's a nice honest jacket, which looks good, or with a little love could be a really super piece.

41975 WWII USMC 2 Piece 1st Pattern Camo Uniform Set Period Size 38 $1250

This is a good solid example of the hard to find & 1st pattern USMC camo. The condition is overall excellent showing only very light age and use with very strong  colors. I am told that the collector bought this item from the vet years ago and did the label himself. Anyway, it's a nice example which will display very well. popular jacket.

121205 US WWII Tanker Jacket Size 38ish SOLD$500

This is a good solid example of a hard to find & popular jacket. Most of these were used up during and after the war. It shows some honest age and use, but has no major issues. The Talon zipper works fine. The cuffs are a bit aged, but still mostly all there. It looks good and will display fine.

11429 US WWII British Made M41 ETO Jacket Size 40 SOLD$250

These are hard to find. This is a nice original large size jacket. It shows some age and use but is overall very good. It has several tiny nips, but is overall very solid and looks good.

40941 US WWII Issue M41 Field Jacket Size 40 RESERVED$140

We had a no pay, so here it is again. This is a good example of the early war M41 field jacket.  The material has a nice khaki color and is overall sound except for the cuffs which are frayed, which is very typical.  The Talon zipper is original and works fine. This jacket displays very well and is a solid example.  It is missing several buttons, but I will include some, so you can have your Mom sew them on.

30938 US WWII Issue M43 Field Jacket Size 40 SOLD$75

This is a very good example of standard issue the M43 field jacket. The body is very sound without any major or really problems. The cuffs are solid as is the neck, which is were these jackets show use first.  The stripes look to a later addition, and are not exactly evenly sewn on, but are easily removed. Overall, it is a good solid WWII Combat jacket.

41108 US WWII Mackinaw Coat Size 40 Just Dry Cleaned RESERVED$85

This is great for reenacting or your display. It is good and solid without issues. It has some light staining @ the bottom, but is good and clean and has a nice tag.

40956 US WWII GI Reversible Long Winter Parka Size Medium $135

This is the hard to find early style for ski or snow shoe troops, but also used as general winter issue later in the war.  The body is in excellent condition, with only the fur around the hood and cuffs showing some age. It has a nice original tag, and is a good solid example.

101433 Mint & Perfect GI WWII Wool Gloves Size M $50

This is a great pair of original U.S. WWII gloves. They are mint without issues or problems.

Z80806 US WWII Wool Leather Palm Gloves SOLD$60

This is a great pair of original U.S. WWII gloves. They are mint;  the leather is soft and pliable, and the wool is clean and without tears or holes. The original quartermaster and size tag are intact. This pair of gloves would be a nice addition to any collection.

61231 Excellent US WWII Calvary Boots 1941 Dated Size 9C SOLD$210

This is a really nice pair of boots. All the leather is very solid and sound. They are nicely marked on the inside and have no problems. They could use a better pair of laces, but still are excellent. These boots are hard to find, so don't mss them.

120942 GI WWII Combat Boots Size 9C SOLD$110

This is a good looking pair of earlier type GI combat boots made to be worn with the leggings. They show some honest use, but are very solid and sound without problems. The only slight issue is one grommet is missing. These will look great in your  Day display.

70951 Really Nice GI WWII Buckle Boots Size 9 SOLD$150

These look to be un-issued or at least very very lightly used. They are in great condition without any issues or problems. They are nicely dated 1944 on the inside, and have the original laces. These will be great for your display.