Karl's Want List 

I am a collector like you, and I love militaria, maybe too much. Here are some of the items I would really like to have and, those I am always looking for. I really like to trade too. 

German WWII 5cm Mortar -Live or Deactivated Also wanted range stakes & case

           Picture of the 5-cm leichte Granatwerfer 36                        

                                                                                                                                         SS Fez Caps      

MP38 Parts  I need a complete lower stock/pistol grip assembly and a front sight assembly for my dummy gun project.


German WWII MG34 MATCHED barrel and bolt set. This is for my C & R Mg34. I cracked a roller on the bolt, and this would really help me out. Can somebody out there help me. Il'l pay your price.




German WWII Camouflaged & Standard Helmets               Camo Gasmask Cans      

Luftwaffe Field Division single piped collar tabs


 German WWII Large Flak Binoculars and Accessories  

US WWII Painted Helmets

WWI German Grenade Launcher 16 Projectiles and Accessories




  German WWII Stick Grenades & Egg Grenades          Luftwaffe Tropical Stuff

SS Insignia                                                           SS Bevo Cap insignia especially skulls                                



Army General's Visor or Field Cap & Tunic Breast Eagle      WWII German Belt Buckles

WWII Japanese knee mortars, parts, carry cases, tools and Grenade belt pouches.

US WWII M1 or M1A1 Thompson Sub Machine Gun Live or Dewat must be registered







WWII Soviet PPSH41 Sub Machine Gun Live or Dewat must be registered


MP44 magazine pouches 

  German WWII flare guns & accessories, & flare pouches


US WWII 94th. division uniforms insignia paper groupings souvenirs etc. My mother lived in their occupation zone in Western Czechoslovakia. She has many nice things to say about the wonderful GIs from the 94th, as do I!! 

I am in desperate need of an original pair of WWII German paratrooper helmet chinstraps.  I will pay your price!

German WWII para helmet liners and other parts

WWII German Panzerschreck Bazooka                       WWII German Panzerfaust


Italian WWII 45cm Brixia Mortar




WWII Japanese grenades, mortar shells & other ordnance: the more strange, odd, bizarre etc, the better


Spanish American War bring home souvenirs

My good friend Bill Combs is collecting and authoring a book on the Spanish Colonial Army during the era of the Spanish American War. He is paying 10 (and sometimes 20) times the going rate for good Spanish American War bring home souvenirs, and will consider trading family members for ultra choice pieces! He's only looking for Spanish, Cuban and Filipino militaria. Remember, he only collects stuff from losers. He doesn't need any of that victorious American militaria.

Contact him directly @  agmohio@sbcglobl.net

Click on the link to view Bill's extensive (and hopelessly impossible to find) illustrated wants list.

Bill's Spanish Wants List



WWI Austrian Field Grey Tunic, Cap and Field Gear


Also Wanted:

German Para Smock

Stick Grenade Bags

German WWII Tropical boots (low & High)

German WWII Fieldgear

MP40 mag pouches

Camo SS Oak Winter parka trousers













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E-mail: svm1944@comcast.net