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This helmet was in the collection of the legendary George Peterson and is pictured in the book History of the German Steel Helmet by Ludwig Baer.  My good friend Robert Cress who collected German WWII camo everything very much wanted it, and tried to trade George all kinds of cool WWII German items for it, but to no avail. Unfortunately, Robert died before George sold the helmet along with his Luftwaffe collection. It was briefly owned by another collector before I had a chance to buy it at the Max Show about 6 years ago.


This is me (Karl) with a Soviet officer in East Germany, Summer 1990.


I really enjoy collecting German WWII Transitional helmets. I recently bought this from the Legendary Jeff Shrader of Advance Guard Militaria. It started life a WWI Austrian M17 made by Berndorf, and was later refurbished during WWII, by the Germans, into a single decal combat helmet. The rivets are a narrow shank variation, and have never been removed or re-bent. I hope you enjoy the photos.