Pre-WWI Militaria

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120781 German M. 1871/84 Dress Bayonet with Engraved Blade $220

This is the standard dress bayonet with engraved blade. The exterior is very solid with a very good scabbard. The blade shows hones age and use, but is still good. the engraving is a bit weak, but with no major damage to the blade. It is only a dress bayonet and is non functional without a slot for attachment to a rifle. Overall this one displays very well.

10823 US Springfield Mod. 1842 .69 Caliber Musket Probably Confederate Used $550

This is right out of an old estate in SE Michigan. It is the Pre Civil war US Springfield made smooth bore musket that were in many armories as secondary arms @  the time of the beginning of the Civil war. These would have been considered rear line or secondary arms by the Union, but the Confederacy, which was short of arms would have used them @ the front.  There are 3 sets of initials carved into the stock meaning 3 different owners. The carving of one's initials, although occasionally done by Northern troops, was a very common practice done by Confederate soldiers. The carving is also consistent of the style of the period. It is unlikely that the North would have used this musket to such an extent of it having 3 different owners. This piece has also been used very much and hard, which again, is typical of Southern firearms.  I suggest the wonderful book: Fire From Abroad by Wiley Sword, page 41. He does a very nice write-up about Confederate long arms, with carved initials.   There is no guarantee of this this being Confederate used, but it is so typical of their firearms, that I would say it is highly probable that this is an honest Rebel musket. The condition is rough with lots of pitting. The lock is functional.  The stock is broken in the middle, but holds together fine.  The barrel bands, barrel band springs and ram rod are all missing. These parts are available, and not too expensive.  This is a great display piece; if only it could talk! My thanks to my friend E. Larry for his expert help with this item!!

10824 US Indian Wars Era Entrenching Tool - Very Nice! SOLD$325

This is a super example. The blade is still very nice, and the handle is just great. The scabbard is very sound, which is uncommon for 140 year old leather.  The blade fits very well into the scabbard, and the handle is very solid and tight. It is missing the scabbard ring, but other wise is about the best example of this I have had.

100711 German 1855 Dated Calvary Sword Made By W S & Company SOLD$600

This is from the local antique mall, and right out of the woodwork.  The blade shows age and some rust, and does the scabbard.  The runners in the scabbard do not hold the blade tight any more, although it is a good fit.  The guard is brass and without problems.  The handle is loose and cracked. The entire piece was painted gold years ago, perhaps for a GAR hall.  Overall it shows its age, but displays well.

70792 US M. 1819 Starr Calvary Sword A Very Nice Example SOLD$875

This is a really nice original example. The Starr Marked blade is in the original finish. The handle has about half of the leather covering with a very solid woolen handle underneath. The guard is dated 1821. The scabbard is painted black, and it looks like this was dome many years ago. Overall this is a really good example of the hard to find early US sword. 




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